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Answering more frequently asked questions


The following Q&A is designed to assist you understand the Out There Travel Care services and offers.  Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on

07 42556888

  1. How many hours’ notice must I give to book a carer?

Answer: 48 hour notice is preferred however we will accommodate your request as soon as we can


2. What is the cancelation policy if the customer wants to cancel on the day booked?

Answer: We do require 24 Hours’ notice to receive a full refund  Should you cancel on the day of booking your payment will be forfeited. If a tour is cancelled we can change locations for your booked care.

3. What type of care do you provide?

Answer: Personal Care, Travel Companion and Respite Care


4. Can I extend my day with my Carer on the day if I choose to?

Answer: Yes, we would love to make your holidays last longer

5. What if the weather is not good for the day?

Answer:  There are many other locations and indoor attractions that we can do

6. Can I use NDIS?  This can be discussed at the time of booking

7. How do I make a booking?

 Call 07 4556888 to discuss date of care, times requested, name of  tour or location to meet  and your medical questions to be completed. As this is up to a 48 hour process we would prefer to confirm carer and then we can then book your tour or activity for you.


We strongly recommend that travelers take out effective and adequate Travel Insurance at the time of making payment, to protect against the possibility that belongings may be lost, stolen or destroyed or that any injury may be suffered while on tour or cancellation costs due to unforeseen circumstances including weather, natural disasters.

Please be sure to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions on your application for Insurance as these conditions not disclosed or approved will not be covered by the Insurer.


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