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Privacy Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy 


Clients who receive services from Out There Travel Care are entitled to personal privacy and confidentiality of personal files and information. 

1.0 Rationale 

1.1 Privacy and confidentiality applies to all aspects of the Clients information including written and spoken information about a client’s living arrangement, social relationships, disability, health, finances and details about the services they receive. 

1.2 Files and records of Clients and employees shall remain the property of Out There Travel Care and shall be kept in a secure location with restricted access. 

1.3. Both clients and employees have a right to know what information is kept in these files and shall be granted access to their file if they so wish. 

1.3 Consent must be obtained from the Client/ client representative prior to any disclosure of information to a 3rd party. 

1.4 Clients are to sign a consent form when admitted identifying their nominated contacts and referral preferences


2.0 Employees Responsibilities 

2.1 Employees have a legal obligation not to disclose client confidential matters. 

2.2 Should any breach of confidentiality be detected an investigation shall be undertaken by the Out There Travel Care Management 

2.3 If a breach of confidentiality is confirmed appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken, which may lead to dismissal. 

Details of the requirement for employees to maintain confidentiality are included in the employees Contract of employment. 

2.4. Information containing client information (rosters, client documentation) is to be kept secure, and when transporting to be locked in the boot of the vehicle. Documents are not to be left on seats for passer-by to see. 

2.5. information regarding client details is to be disposed of securely (confidential document disposal container) 

Kevin Fields Chief Executive_____________________________________ 15/07/21 

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