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If you find yourself needing post-hospital or convalescent care we can provide qualified carers to support your needs in the privacy and comfort of your own accommodation.


Recuperating from an accident or illness is not easy

but with expert assistance from Out There Travel Care carers we will work with you to tailor an appropriate care plan based on your immediate needs.

We can:

  • Accompany you from the hospital to your accommodation

  • Provide quality personal care based on the care plan

  • Monitor your progress daily and update care plan as required

  • Make doctor appointments

  • Transport you to and from doctor appointments

  • Pick up subscription medication from the pharmacy

  • Provide personal assistance where required

  • Provide companionship and a shoulder to cry on

How to book your Recovery Care

Please  call  (07) 42556888 to discuss your personal requirements as each case is individual

Be assured that our clinical care team will be providing you with clinical oversight and care whilst you recuperate.

In the case of a medical emergency please call 000

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